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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This is my birthday week skattie, and i have decided to give myself the gift of thin. If you've read some of my recent posts you might know that we've got a bit of a problem. The phrase "Elephant in the room" has taken on a more literal meaning. So  now i have to diet, i have to gym, and horror of horrors i have to give up beer. I've grown up to be an adult with weight issues, who'd have thunk it? What manner of genes are these? Anyway, as i embark on this new journey i plan to stop drinking for a bit, after all it is not just beer that adds on the kilos. This brings me to the real issue at hand; i really am not sure i can got out partying and taking pics whilst sober. Who parties sober except for those forced to do so by religious commitments? And we all know how hip and happening the religious sober party scene is. So for at least a couple of weeks (or at least until the sobriety thing sets in), i plan to spend my evenings between gym and home, whilst drinking water and eating controlled amounts of food. Believe me skattie it is better this way, without alcoholic support i have a dangerously boring personality. I could literally bore you to death. So seeing as i will be incapable of producing fresh material, i am gonna do like a washed out musician and post a series of greatest hits albums. These posts will be made up of skatties that i have snapped before for different posts on different occasions (including some from the cellphone pic era, as you might be able to see by the quality). I will put each Skattie's snaps together in one post as you can see above. We are starting with my  friend Mavuso because..well, i think his groovy style is worth it and i like his drinking habits, which i'm not gonna talk about here because that would be  the pot calling the


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