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Thursday, November 25, 2010



Hey skat, Thursday night and i've just come back from the summer show at WITW gallery, i am of course as tired as fuck, my significant other is once again playing his favourite obscure tracks and i have to listen, the things we do for love. Tonight's special is a gothy-folky sounding woman who goes by the name Nico, well at least she went by that name until she died at the age of 45 from a heart attack whilst cycling in Ibiza. And this is after a week of listening to a torturous  amount of Joanna Newsom and David Tibet, somebody please save me from this obscure shit. Truth is i am a Top Ten kind of guy, i really do like the shit they play on radio, yeah so go ahead judge me, throw your latest Current 93 cd at my face. Whateva, i am rambling a bit, blame it on this very cheap bottle of red wine i'm drinking, fukkit blame the bad punctuation on that too. I haven't posted in a bit, this is mainly because of the magazine project i've been working on and the ridiculous amount of drinking i've had to do to celebrate the coming together of this project, at every single stage . Anybody who was at the Kimberley hotel bar last weekend can testify, i really did get very in touch with my inner trashy self. Maybe "inner" is not really necessary in that sentence, maybe i've never lost touch, maybe i'm trashy all the time, whateva , you be the judgy bitch. So, here's some pics from the last 7 days, ranging from Church on Spin street to Michaelis to Marcii Goose's You & Me & Everyone We Know market at the Labia to Marco's place to Kimberley to Goodman gallery and WITW gallery. Excuse the red eye action and be nice skattie coz i've had to use a really shitty camera ever since someone (let's call her Mabel for now) broke my camera during a drunken episode, plus it's a little late and i'm a little too drunk to crop the images and make them look all pretty and nice for your discerning eye, so fuck all y'all critical photography bitches, it's not that kind of site, go tell your mama. And now the only pics i'm missing from this week are the pics from Athi-Patra's opening at YoungBlackman, those are in Ed Young's fancy camera, i'll probably get them and post them tomorrow. Anyway, i love you, not really but it sounded so true when the late Michael jackson said it and i've always wanted to say it, i do however hope to see some of you (most certainly not all of you) at the magazine launch on Saturday, you of course being some possibly non-existent ideal, but hey.


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