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Sunday, February 1, 2015


So this is how it works right? There's the outer circle of the race tracks, this is the general access area, open to everyone with a ticket, the ***** side of the tracks as it were. Then once you cross the race tracks, you get to the inner circle, and the first thing you'll see are the private marquees, hired out by the banks and such, full of corporate types. We don't go there. Walk a little further in and you'll get to the Lifestyle Village, for which you'll need a different kind of ticket, which will give you access to entertainment and celebrity sightings. Within the lifestyle village itself there are other VIP marquees which require their own passes to get into. Finally of course is the J&B's own VVIP marquee, which i spent most of my time in, naturally, you can see the pics from there here. However, I have to say that my favourite looks came from people enjoying themselves around the Lifestyle Village, outside the VIP areas. I especially liked the less costumey vibes. Some worked the J&B Honey inspired Made For The Mix theme, some just looked dandy as fuck. My highlights were the boys and their suits, and the girls rocking those round lenses. More of this please.


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