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Friday, May 17, 2013


Oh my dear hunty, where to start? Tonight I went to Cavendish to check out The Great Gatsby premiere hosted by Csquared. Okay, technically it was a screening, not a premiere, the movie opened this Friday and had been seen by many before us in the very same cinema. 

I didn't actually see the movie skattie. Ster Kinekor sold tickets for the very same movie theatre the screening was hosted in. So imagine skattie and have yourself a bit of a laugh; there we were on Csquared’s invitation, dressed up for the theme, feeling fabulous and self important as fuck, then people started streaming in and kicking us out of the seats they had paid for. A theatre full of fashionistas, kicked off their seats by a righteous army of civilians in jeanpants, priceless.

 Anyway, amidst all the drama, and shortly after my friend Bee and I got kicked of our seats, we decided to head home. Can’t figure out if the city bowl gods were punishing us for straying too far out, seriously, cavendish. Perhaps the gods are on Peta’s side, and they were punishing the fashion set for the animals that had to die for all that fur.


  1. I don't see the point of wearing fur, but each their own I guess ..

  2. I would like to believe it was a punishment Skattie!!! None the less the usually Skatties looked lovely...

  3. love it! never see such in joburg


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