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Friday, March 22, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I went to a launch at the store which Missibaba and Kirsten Goss share on Bree Street, Cape Town. This unfortunately was the same week I lost my camera, so all the pics I took were lost along with the camera. When I got my new cam I went back and took a coupla pics, the ones at the top, the rest are press pics from both Missibaba and Kirsten Goss. As I’ve said before I am huge fan of Missibaba, and whilst I was never really a jewelry person I’ve been converted by the clean geometric lines of Kirsten’s new “Urban Edge” range. Both Kirsten and Chloe Townsend from Missibaba did a bit of a collaboration vibe. Chloe with graphic designer Naomi Bossert and illustrator Mia Nolting to create three limited edition prints for here “I see the sea and the sea sees me range” of handbags.

Kirsten on the hand collaborated with graffiti artist Jack Mantis to create an installation for the store, which you can see in the pic up top and also the video at the bottom of this post. I’m a total sucker for creative collaboration so I was quite excited by all this action. Pity I don’t have pics to show you the full buzz at the actual launch event. Askies.

In other news, sorry for the sporadic posts, well not that they’ve ever been anything but. I’ve been trying to get back into doing skattieTV episodes and I’m the slowest amateur video editor ever, but you can look forward to an episode or two in the next coupla weeks. Lots of pics coming too.  Yay, an entire post with no swearwords, I’m getting better (or worse) at this, I’ll go and reward myself with a tub of ice cream now.

Kirsten Goss - 'Urban Edge' Graffiti installation with Jack Mantis - Bree Street, Cape Town from Kirsten Goss on Vimeo.


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