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Friday, June 15, 2012


Firstly I must apologize for all the background noise in this video, a bit at the beginning and a bit in the middle.  We visited Michel in her shared studio, so atleast take comfort in that it is the noise of people working in the background, you know, the wheels of the economy moving on forward.

I met Michel a few months ago after checking out her website and I was very inspired by her considered business approach. Many young designers come out of fashion school thinking they're gonna be the shit in no time, unfortunately due to the nature and sometimes lack of support in our local fashion industry that is highly unlikely for most. People like Michel who take their time and move a step at a time and use innovative methods to get themselves out there are much more likely to succeed. Which is why Sandiso and decided to do this feature on her. I highly recommend watching this vid to get to know her and the work she does. I especially recommend it for aspiring young designers, in fact this whole designer chat series is done with the aspiring young designer in mind, to listen and learn from those that are out there already, whatever stage of their journey they maybe at, there's a lot to learn from them. And well done to Michel. Visit her website here, and you can follow her on twitter @MiLi_Jo.


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