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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


From time to time an invite to a nice people fancy event lands in my inbox. By nice
people and fancy i mean an event that requires a black tie dress code. The dress code bit
always causes me a bit of stress because because i do not own anything that qualifies as
appropriately black tie. Fortunately this is Cape Town, no one actually expects a 100%
hit rate on a black tie dress code for their event. So there's always room for underdressed
slobs like me. Now please skattie that does not mean you should go to people's events
dressed like shit. Anyway badly dressed or not, my insatiable social appetites won't let
me stay at home. You can blame that on reading too much Gwen Gill in my time as a
young fag. May her soul rest in peace. So on Saturday I went to check out the inaugural 5
for a Change fundraiser. The party will be an annual do, where busy mover shaker types
dress up black tie and get together to raise funds for five worthy social enterprises. Personally
i think it is a great cause, especially considering that we all get together and party like
there's no tomorrow anyway, why not help others while at it. If you want to find out
more about this initiative you can follow them on twitter @5forChange or
5forchange. For those of you who wanna put their money where their mouth is right
now, you can use the abovementioned channels to get in contact and find out more
about the organizations they support and find out how you can get involved. That also
goes for you party animals that don't wanna miss the next gig. Obviously we didn't just
stand around and look pretty. There's entertainment as well in the form of musicians and
deejays. Unfortunately I missed most of that because I couldn't stay long, my friends
David and Cam were having a joint birthday party which i'd comitted to previously
and absolutely could not miss. It's often better when I leave these kinds of events early
anyway, otherwise i risk being carried out, there's something about bubbly when it flows
freely. i lose a bit of control and i talk too much shit then people stop inviting me to parties
 leaving me no choice but to go back to my old gatecrashing ways.


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