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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Ja skat i got there almost 2hrs late and i paid a bit of a price for that. I missed out on some of the skattielisciousness. Thing is skattie, once everybody gets over the generally shortlived business of actually looking at the art the gathering eventually moves to an outside area. Be it the pavement or the courtyard (make that rooftop if you're at the Goodman Gallery), after that first drink the impulse to suck on poisonous sticks and kiss cheeks hits and it's 'later' for the artwork. So ja, I got there when most had advanced past the courtyard phase and were now socializing on the pavement outside the gallery. Reminded me of something Sue said earlier this month at Jacques Coetzer's opening at blank projects. She walked into an empty gallery, i was at the front taking pics of the work. She asked where everybody was and i pointed towards the courtyard, she quiped "it's an art gallery, of course they're at the back". and ja, with walls free of art, the courtyard was packed. Relax skattie i'm not mentioning that out of some judgy artyer-than-thou self righteous attitude. Yes, at times i've been known to be quite the self-righteous little fucker who likes to shit on others from dizzy heights but this is not one of those times. I'm the worst one anyway, my time is spent looking at outfits, drinking, making questionable and awkward attempts at conversation whilst feeling like a redundant douche with a camera. I'm getting a bit carried away here but my point is that i do like the way people experience exhibition openings, fun-chatty-social or total piss-ups when the booze is free. It kind of shows people that do not take themselves way too seriously, I fucking hate people who take themselves too seriously, reeks of fundamentalism. Anyway back to the MS, ja i went in, got a drink and as you can see on the pics above the 'inside' part of the opening had just about run it's course. Thankfully i got lucky,  i ran into Georgina, Gabriella, Mrs Mahashe, two strangers and in/on them i found what i was looking for so i snapped away. I walked out 30 minutes later onto an empty pavement. Fuck. My cheeks now deprived of the kisses they've become rather accustomed to will probably never forgive me. They will probably punish me by getting bigger, making no secret of their intentions to eventually take over my whole face.


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