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Friday, March 6, 2015


This is the ticket the city’s art and fashion set were looking forward to, not least because it was worth R5000 per ticket, cash which would go towards making the Zeitz Museum Of Contemporary Art Africa accessible to all when it opens in 2017, and towards the building of its new Costume Institute (I am very excited about this!).

So naturally I got drastic with my plastic and swiped away 5000 randelas for my seat. Lolz, just kidding skat, I write for a living, I’m lucky to be able to afford rent and cat food. I tell those cats everyday, make it worth my time, pose for my instagram shot or there’s an SPCA cage in your future. Mine was a media invite.

Anyway, the socialites, the donors, the writers, the designers, the gallerists, the curators, they all came out and gathered at the Allan Gray building at V&A Waterfront’s Silo district to support. Some of us got drunk and played a game of ‘spot the artist’, it was funnest fun. To be fair, the organisers did recommend patrons buy tickets for artists.

I hadn’t drunk or smoked for two months, a break I often take a few times throughout the year. This was the perfect weekend to let loose. I seriously missed the gossip that comes with stepping outside for a smoke. I tell you skattie there is no jucier juice, than the kind that one gets during those smoke breaks, especially if you smoke with media types with complimentary tickets. We must get together for a drink one of these days, the things I could tell you from all the events I’ve been to over the last few years! Hawemur!!! Anyway, it’s called Skattie, what are you wearing? not Skattie, what did you hear? So let’s leave the gossip to Heat magazine. Oops, #RIPheat.

Guest were treated to fashion from the first four designers who will be honoured by the new Zeitz Mocaa Costume Institute: Marianne Fassler, Thula Sindi, Chris Levin, and Gavin Rajah. I had a chat with Marianne a couple of days prior, whilst we were walking through the Cape Town art fair. From what she tells me, when the institute opens it’s going to be quite an exciting retrospective of some of their best contributions to local fashion. I’m particularly excited because thus far, we haven’t had much of an institutional memory when it comes to local fashion. We tend to celebrate whoever is hot now and forget whoever came before. I hope this institute will address that situation. I’m fantasizing that one day as young designers start their careers they’ll dream of the day when their life’s work is documented, institutionalized, for all to see.

Lastly, I have to tell you, like, my best, those table napkins with artist Jody Paulsen’s work embroidered on them. They were so fucking awesome I stole one, only to discover later when some of the guests and I were at Bascule, the whisky bar at the Cape Grace, that quite a few of us had snuck a Jody Paulsen napkin into our handbags. Best thing ever! Does anyone out there have more????? I need a set. Worst bit? I was so tipsy and jolly, that I started flashing my stolen napkin at the organisers, with pride. So embarrassing, this is why I need to stop drinking again quickly!


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