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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Helllllllloooooooo skatties. It’s been so long. Askies tog. I feel like a total shit about that, but I have no doubt you continued to breathe in my blog-absence. I wish I had a brilliant excuse for it but to be perfectly honest it’s just that I’ve been feeling tired as fuck and limiting the amount of events I go to. It doesn’t help that a few of them felt uninspiring in terms of blog pics, outfits were also just starting to look repetitive to the point where I was like “If I have to shoot another felt hat….” So I gave the camera a break spent the little energy I had writing, for other publications, because rent.

Some days I spent in bed, rang the office and called in fat, then I watched pirated series and movies, read buzzfeed articles, downloaded Remy Ma’s post–pris mixtape, and occasionally went out to eat, drink and talk shit with friends. I got all Jaden and Willow about life, and this blog. So many why’s, so little prana energy. I even went on a two-day writer’s workshop, hosted by good old Dennis Beckett. I also ate a lot and proved to myself that no matter how fat I get, I can always get fatter. Hot fucking mess i tell ya.

But hey, I’m back, because 2) the idea of blog death freaks me the fuck out, 1) I’m feeling inspired as fuck because the transformation I’ve been working for this blog is finally coming together. I’m sure you know that feeling, when you’ve been doing something for a while, and suddenly you have a new vision so awesome so voodoo that you can’t wait until it’s manifest, but then things just don’t seem to come together fast enough, in the meantime your headspace is already in the future you imagine, so much that you are uninspired by the present (I’m getting so much better at this Jaden/Willow speak).

Well, it is coming together, and by this blog’s 5th birthday (March 2015), I’ll be presenting you with a whole new website (and an actual team behind it). Just seeing some stuff come together this week has re-energised me. So many ideas, so much prana energy.

So before we properly get back to the business of hot young thangs in hot outfits, here is some of what’s been happening in my life. Well, on the few times I had my camera. Enjoy. See you again soon.

First, and probably the happiest night of the last month, when boo and I were in Joburg for the gala dinner where he was named the 2015 Standard Bank Young Artist Of The Year for Performance Art. Loved this moment here when he got on stage and proceeded to take a selfie of the moment before anything else. Best. 

then last week WhatIfTheWorld gallery hosted a Cape Town dinner to celebrate the award, which was bloody awesome. I'd never been to Cafe Dijon in the Waterkant before, lemme take this moment to recommend it. Awesome ambience. I can't say much about the food, this was one of those rare nights when i wasn't hungry, so i hardly ate. 

You'll live thru these low light pics, you're stronger than you think.

Last week I also popped into the opening of the new Art South Africa gallery in Salt River. I was so excited about this, especially because Brandon and Suzette Bell-Roberts, the people behind Art South Africa magazine have been talking about it for a minute, and it's cool to see it happen. You'll remember ASA is our partner for the Skattie Celebrates project, so we've also been chatting about using the space as a venue for future Skattie Celebrates parties. So excited about that.

Also, this. The Darkie Dilemma Series by Jessica Foli

Then there was this, the foodie-est Sunday I've had in a while. Starting with Brunch Vibes at La Residence in Franschoek, to celebrate the Diners Club Winemaker of the Year winners. for all you winos out there: JD Pretorious won Young Winemaker of the year for his Steenberg Merlot 2012, and Jacques Erasmus from Spier for the Winemaker of the Year for the Spier Creative Block 2 2014 dry white wine blend. So y'all know what to drink now. Also, those who have been to our Skattie Celebrates parties will remember that Spier is our wine partner. So you know we servin up that good good.

Then it was lunchtime and we had to speed back into town because Patrick Visser, the man behind the Yoh! parties and the Yoh! clothing had a collabo afternoon with dim sum queen Yang Zhao of Beijing Opera. Yoh! put out a limited edition BAO DOWN tee (only 30 made), featuring a graphic that was inspired by BO. Yang put out two BAOs (buns), in black and white, inspired by the ying yang sign on the tees. Such a fun afternoon. Anyone who follows my instagram knows how much i love BO, totally my spiritual home.

Then just as we thought we could shove down more dim sum,  it was time for the Eat Out awards at Thundercity, a plane hangar near the airport, but totally beat the fuck up and transformed into a dining venue for 800. I could write quite a bit about that evening, which included six courses by some of the country's top chefs. Imma recommend you visit the eat out site to find out more about the winners and the evening. As for me, just like the old days, I am writing this post at 4.30am, and the birds are starting to make a fucking noise. Nyt, I need to sleep.


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