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Thursday, August 1, 2013


So sorry Masello and Julia for using you as an excuse to post pictures of my children (below). But I'm sure you can understand, they've grown up to be such cute camera loving pussies. 

To be fair skatties, i should disclose that i absolutely can't stand human children (sorry breeder), but my feline babies,  little Shado and Azange bangani azange, that's another story. And it's not just because i spend my days and nights fanning the flames of faggotry. In fact my kind and generous friend Yang offered Athi and I her womb as a way for us to bring forth into the world our doomed spawn. Naturally, as an aesthete I gave it a moment's thought, a little black x chinese baba, wouldn't you be tempted? Interracial baba, tomorrow people as they call them. I'd take that thing everywhere, but then again, I'd have to bring it back home and change it's nappies. Not. 

 In them moments I'm reminded of my baby phobia, and that is that. Sometimes I feel a little guilty, and a little broody as i get older and my friends breed, but then i have to be honest with myself, i love this selfish life, with no night shift. Not absolutely all of us have to breed, some of us have to grow up to be rich uncles, some of us have kak parent potential that should never see the light of day. Not me tho, i'd make a surprisingly awesome parent, but I'm not really interested, and you know what, that's okay.

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