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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Now i must warn you as i start this post that i am a little bitter because of my broken and now useless camera. I kinda thought i was over it, i blamed myself for getting so irresponsibly sloshed that i let another drunk person play around with my expensive toy. But now that i think about it, all i got from abovementioned breaker of cameras was a simple 'oops', not a sorry-can-i-pay-for-my-fuck-up. whateva, i breathe, i move on, i hope. So i am straight back to where i started, i am taking pics on my kak nokia again, well atleast until i can afford to get myself a fancy schmancy new camera. Other than that little glitch i've had a perfectly fantastic Saturday morning and early afternoon at the "You, Me and Everyone we know market" at the Labia theatre on Orange. Later on i drove to Khayelitsha because my good friend Bettina Malcomess was hosting an artist talk on Migration and Hybrid Identities. Luckily i missed the entire thing. As it turned out it was part of a whole day event organized by Suzy Bell. There was an exhibition, the abovementioned talk and a whole lot of musical perfomances including Ernestine (can somebody say passe') from the formerly interesting band Moodphase 5. Some seemed to enjoyed her music, i was bored, that girl really needs to throw away her bong and those sarong-y print pants. Anyway i digress,  I must say that in my eyes Suzy is a cultural legend in Cape Town, really you must google her Skattie. I have been to a few of her events and i have blogged about them, my only regret is that in past blog posts i have not taken pics to bring to you as evedence of her somewhat dodgy taste in clothing. i have also read her writing in print and on her site, i am a beeg fan. The only issue i ever have with her is her dress sense, never mind those stupid dogs she sometimes drags around. This afternoon was no different, she resembled a lemon meringue that's been dipped in green food colouring. really WTF Suzy? Sad part is that she always seems to try so hard and fails so terribly in the wardrobe department. Like i said i do admire the woman, if i achieved half of what she has achieved in my lifetime i would feel accomplished, but the little that i might achieve in this life i pray to achieve attired in far better style that Suzy.

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