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Monday, August 9, 2010


If you live in Cape Town, it is more than likely that you’ve had your fair share of vintage/retro shops. Fukkit, infact it does not matter where you live, as long as it’s planet earth. The vintage/retro trend has been massive for a long time now, a little too long as far as I’m concerned. It is as though we don’t know where to go to next. Fashion is perpetually looking backwards for references. There are more than enough blogs in blogosphere dedicated to all things vintage. But hey, I may bitch and go on but I don’t have the answers, I don’t know what the new direction is, as they say if you can’t beat them, join them skattie. So I present you yet another vintage shop, perhaps a more interesting story would be “where the fuck do all of these clothes for all of these vintage shops come from?”, I’ve heard all sort of interesting stories, but hey it’s another story for another day. All that said and done, I really do like the way they’ve put together this little shop, if you like it too and your little hipster heart pumps kool-aid to the beat of a bygone era, you can find it @ 128 on Lower Main Road in Observatory. It doesn’t have a name yet, I guess it is slightly delayed as with most things in Observatory.

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  1. Vintage will never go out of style! And it shouldn't...better that people reuse and recycle instead of buying loads of cheap garbage clothing from the mall. I own a vintage shop in Canada, I think a lot of vintage gets shipped around the world from North America.


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